Two great bands, one stage! BONFIRE performing with MOTLEY CRUE'D at one of Southern California's best venues for live rock-n-roll. Tickets are FREE!! You must contact band to receive free tickets for this concert. Just send us a message on our Facebook Page


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AXS TV Review:

"This was the best and most high-octane tribute show AXS TV has had yet, and when it comes to paying tribute to AC/DC, Bonfire is clearly the gold standard." - See more HERE

September 8th - 2014 - The band arrived at The Rock Yard at Fantasy Springs Casino & Resort out in Indio, CA for soundcheck in 105 degree heat. Now this is an outdoor show in the desert (near Coachella) and we were just praying that the temp would drop before we hit the stage at 9:30 at night. Not much luck with that! We can usually count on the wind to pick up and help cool things down, but we were still nearing 100 degrees and 73% humidity once show time hit. So with no fans to cool us down, or even any towels placed onstage, we had to resort to dunking our heads in the ice cooler on the side of the stage once in a while just to keep the BONFIRE goin!! The fans were real troopers and stayed with us the whole time doing what they could (cold beer helps!) to fight the heat. Thanks all for another great experience out at the Rock Yard and we hope to see you all again real soon!

August 22nd, 2014 - The summer is almost gone already but we have a few shows left before we all settle down and welcome the fall season and (yikes!) the holidays. There are so many great memories of this summer that it's hard to list them all. Driving together as a band up to Lake Tahoe and playing two shows in that paradise, Performing at the OC Fairgrounds next to the huge kiddy slide and watching our Angus (Diego) run up it and slide down (yes while playing a guitar solo the whole time!). Playing to the neighborhood fans in Hermosa at Saint Rocke, playing at the Fairplex for the Tattoo Expo with our Cliff's (James) mom celebrating her 83 birthday, meeting all the great new friends and fans at The Collection Park in Oxnard, and of course Hollister. That's where we get to play at a winery outside amongst rolling hills, cows, and other amazing scenery to an awesome crowd of locals. Great food, wine, and company... Al and Ryan you're the best!! Tonight we hit the stage at the Sante Fe Springs Swap Meet for three set of Rock-N-Roll AC/DC style. Join us and lets close out the Summer LOUD!!

slideApril 15th, 2014 - A great big THANK YOU to all that came out to the Whiskey in Hollywood last night and cheered us on! The energy from the crowd was amazing and pushed us to our best show ever!! It was all captured live for TV and the crowd really did their part to make it exciting. The reviews are coming in and we are humbled by all the love and praise. Thanks for helping to keep this live music ALIVE!!




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